Re: How to start your own game (READ ME NEXT)

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Re: How to start your own game (READ ME NEXT)

Postby goatkiller666 » July 12th, 2014, 6:12 am

Okay. You've made your account. You've logged into the site. You've asked to join an existing game, and been accepted. I assume that's going well. Now what?

You want to run your own game? What? For real? Are you sure you're feeling okay?

Well, here's all that THAT takes:

Contact one of the two Site Admins (goatkiller666 or lantyssa). We will do the following for you:
1. Create you a new sub-forum.
2. Assign your account as the owner / moderator of that sub-forum and all sub-forums.
3. Create a new member group.
4. Give you group ownership, so that you can edit membership in the group.j
5. Create the sub-forum permissions so that folks from other games get only read-only access to your sub-forum. They can read, but they can't spam you. (Maybe we let them into the OOC thread?)
6. If you want ONLY players to even be able to see your entire space, just tell us, and we'll not do #5.

As the game owner, you get to add users to your game group, so that any members of that group get read-write access to your site.

7. We'll create a general sub-sub-forum structure, giving you a dedicated private area for each player, so that you / player can discuss rules questions, or things on your character's plans for the future, etc. You'll need to provide the admins for the list of users playing your game, so we can set up the private nature of those forums. If you need any private multi-player forums, that's fine as well... just ask us. (e.g. - your group of superheros wants to form a chartered group... they want a private way of talking, in game. We can make such a mind-connective place where you can do in-character or out-of-character for that.

Future iterations of this will include a more streamlined approach and more automatic an activity.
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